From the Community: Indie

How has this practice affected my life? Wonderful question….the answer is how has it NOT. I came to Yoga feeling broken on nearly every level. Toxic relationships and an accident left me with injuries inside and out, and my old ways of overcoming just no longer worked.

Enter: Yoga. Far from the chanting and hooey I expected, this practice has brought such incredible healing to me. It reaches in, opens you up, and makes you stronger all at once. Full, yet empty I like to say; solid yet okay with coming apart to grow more. And grow you do, surrounded by a community of accepting loving people from all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes who simply say ‘welcome’ and mean it.

I thank God for my Yoga family every day; it’s no accident that He put them in my life and in my path a loving and soft place to fall and get about the business of taking your life to the next level. Awesome stuff indeed.

– Indie Bollman

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