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MBody Yoga continues to attract non-believers with its hip, down-to-earth style and wow longtime yoga aficionados through the innovative and empowering form of yoga developed by Baron Baptiste and embraced worldwide. In addition to empowering yoga classes for all experience levels, MBody Yoga offers World-Class National and International Teacher Training Programs, Hands-on Workshops, Studio Owner Teacher Training & Marketing Consulting, and special events, including Master Classes, DJ Yoga Parties, Corporate Wellness Yoga and Licensing Opportunities.

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Train the Trainer

Let MBody’s Certified Experts Train Your Trainers

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Training Effectiveness

Evaluate & Improve Pre-existing Training Programs

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MBody Onsite

Bring MBody to Your Office, Health Club or Treatment Center

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MBody Licensing

Open a Turnkey MBody Yoga Studio in Your Own City

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White House Yoga

As a Yoga Journal Presenter, MBody was among a hand-selected group of yoga instructors invited to teach on the White House lawn as part of the President and First Lady’s initiative to encourage healthy and active lifestyles for children.

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Most Popular Programs

Train the Trainer

Do you want your studio to offer the very best, most exciting yoga classes, workshops and teacher training programs in your area? From program development to marketing and sales support to content and delivery to YTT training manuals to onsite and virtual/remote mentoring, MBody provides everything you need to train your trainers and teachers to the highest levels of mastery. With a diverse team of experts who have over 30 years of combined experience in yoga instruction, MBody Yoga’s Train the Trainer program serves clients nationally all over the world. We are ready to make your trainers and teachers the most energetic and effective trainers in your area—plus give your studio the most dynamic and sought-after programs as a result.

Teacher Training Effectiveness

Do your yoga teachers, trainers, and programs have room to improve? Listen, we get it: Mastery isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. Yet there is one shortcut you can take as a studio owner to leap light-years ahead of your competition. It’s to equip your studio with the most skilled, most effective, most dynamic trainers in your area. With full assessment and implementation capabilities, our Teacher Training Effectiveness program is uniquely design to do just that. Our client studios routinely report that our Teacher Training Effectiveness program lifted their studios’ popularity—and their bottom line. Connect with us, and we guarantee to take your trainers to the next level, too.

MBody Onsite

Do you represent a corporation looking to bring the vast benefits of yoga to its staff and in turn decrease stress, increase productivity and reduce health care costs? Do you own a health club, fitness center or gym looking to increase its service offerings, add value to existing clientele and attract new customers? Do you run an addiction treatment facility looking to offer yoga as a complementary path to recovery? If you are looking to bring the benefits of yoga to your location, we created MBody Onsite specifically for you. MBody Onsite is the premier onsite yoga provider in Florida and is thrilled to now offer its tailored programs worldwide.

Licensing Opportunities

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 90 percent of franchised/licensed operations are still operating after 10 years, while 82 percent of independent businesses fail. In other words, aligning with a well-established brand is essential to success. Have you always dreamed of owning a yoga studio? Or do you already own a studio or fitness center and things aren’t working out quite like you’d planned? MBody Yoga studios continue to experience growth and our training services are in demand by various businesses from fitness centers to Fortune 500 companies. We are always looking for motivated, well-capitalized licensees, but we don’t just accept anyone to share in our success. It takes a special kind of person with an extraordinary kind of passion. Do you think you have what it takes to run your very own MBody Yoga?

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