Intensive, hands-on yoga instruction.

Inversion Immersion with Leah Green

Date: September 16th
Time: 11:30AM – 1:30PM
Location: Neptune Beach
Price: Cost: $25

Take your practice upside down in this fun workshop about yoga inversion and arm balance poses! All levels are welcome. Bring an open mind and a playful spirit. Learn the fundamentals and modifications of balancing poses and inversions like Crow, Side Crow, Running Man, Forearm Stand, Traditional and Tripod Headstand, including safe entry and exit. Tap into the power of gravity. Curious to learn the benefits of getting your legs and heart above your head?

Set the foundation of your inversion and arm balance practice with this two-hour workshop. Perfect for the beginner to advanced yogi. Take the fear out of going upside down.

Yoga inversion and arm balance workshop will include:

  • Vinyasa warm-up.
  • Hands-on assists to help clients find the correct alignment of poses for their  bodies.
  • Tips and techniques on how to build strength and balance to achieve advanced yoga inversions.


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