Torch Calories. Tone Your Body. Quiet Your Mind. We offer Jacksonville's most exciting and energizing yoga classes for every level. Tone Your Body. Torch Calories. Quiet Your Mind. We offer Jacksonville's most energizing and exciting yoga classes for every level. JOIN US JOIN US Teacher Leader Program World-Class Teacher Training is Within Your Reach Be a leader. Be a teacher. Be in mastery. Learn more and reserve your spot now. 200-Hour RYT TAKE YOUR YOGA AND LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL JOIN US LEARN MORE Meet the Most Amazing Yoga Team in Florida Our team is dynamic, fun and here to serve. Learn a little more about us. Our Team is Dynamic, Fun and here to serve. ABOUT US ABOUT US
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3 Life-Changing Benefits of Yoga People Don’t Talk Enough About

You already know that breathing, community, compassion, flexibility, gratitude, mindfulness, relaxation and weight loss and are all part and parcel to good yoga practice—but how do these features of yoga translate to practical benefits, such as decreasing your stress levels, improving your relationships, increasing your productivity and more? We’ll show you how in this brand-new resource, a quick 5-minute read.

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7 Ways to Deepen Your Practice and Apply it to Everyday Life

Have you been practicing for awhile now, and you’re ready to take things to the next level? Whether that’s simply adding an additional day of practice each week, attending hands-on workshops to improve your form, or taking the leap to become a yoga teacher yourself, MBody can help you achieve your next level. We’ll show you how in this brand-new resource, a quick 5-minute read.

8 Key Things About Running a Yoga Business I Wish I Knew 12 Years Ago

As a world-renowned instructor, certified trainer and studio owner, MBody Yoga’s Mark White has been in your shoes. In his more than 20 years practicing yoga, he’s overcome numerous challenges you may be facing right now as an owner. In this candid Q&A, a quick 5-minute read, you’ll learn to foresee and sidestep your greatest challenges with his key 8 things to lasting success.

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