Intensive, hands-on yoga instruction.

Plant Based Practice

Date: Sundays, February 3- 24, 2019
Time: 7:15-8:30p
Location: Neptune Studio
Price: Costs: $99/$159 with yoga

A Plant-Based Practice is a workshop for curious minds as well as veteran vegetarian who seek to bring more plant based foods into their diet. In this 4-week program you will learn how to purposefully select the best options at hand to craft a balanced nutritious lifestyle for yourself and your family. This program will teach you how to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet properly, ensuring you are getting the appropriate amount of nutrients while enjoying every bite!
Each week you will meet with guest instructor and Registered Dietician, Elle Baker, to share your successes and challenges as well as learn about one of the four key pillars of the program. Each pillar covered will help to broaden your knowledge about what a plant-based practice really is.

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